Host an Event

Interested in planning a Battlesnake meetup or regional tournament? We provide support for events of all sizes, including branding and messaging. Get in touch with us at for more information.


How to Plan a Battlesnake Event

  1. Find a venue that can host you!

  2. Create a registration page, if the event is open to the public. We’re not picky on the platform, but something we can share.

  3. Let us know what you’re planning and we’ll get you branding assets.

  4. Promote the event and invite your community to attend.

  5. Decide on an appropriate tournament structure, using the host guide below.

  6. Enjoy the event and post photos on social media using #Battlesnake

Event Code of Conduct

Battlesnake events are welcoming, inclusive, and open to all participants. As an event organizer, you agree to uphold our Code of Conduct and ask participants to review it before attending.


Logos and Branding

Submit your event and we’ll follow up with our branding package!


Why organize a Battlesnake meetup or tournament?

Battlesnake is for developers of all experience levels to learn new skills and connect with their community. Here are some of the things you can practice with Battlesnake, but the sky is the limit!

  • Control structures and logic flow

  • Code architecture and design

  • Version control tools like GitHub

  • Code building tools

  • Deployment tooling

  • Real-world web applications

  • Programming languages

  • Machine Learning

Who can organize a Battlesnake event?

Anyone can, as long as you follow the Battlesnake Code of Conduct and CNCF Code of Conduct.

How can I learn how to build my first AI?

Visit our resources page to find tutorials, our Slack workplace, and GitHub repo.