Why sponsor?

Interested in supporting the Battlesnake community? Sponsorship opportunities are available for the main tournament held in Victoria, BC, as well as for supporting the open-source project and regional tournaments.

Brand Awareness & Visibility

Get your name and product noticed by 800+ tournament attendees and developers from across the globe contributing to the Battlesnake open-source project. Some sponsorship tiers include branding on host packages for regional championships and branded educational material to introduce developers all around the world to the basics of Battlesnake.

Team Building

All sponsorship packages include presence at the annual tournament. Your engineers will have the opportunity to create a snake AI that participants can compete against for additional prizes. We call this a Bounty Snake. You will have a table for participants to visit, chat with your team, and test their snake against yours. Bounty Snakes showcase the technical talent of sponsoring companies and provide a fun way for teams to test their code throughout the event. Let your engineering team have fun with this and create a truly memorable snake that will push competitors to their creative limits.

Community Building

Battlesnake was created to bring developers together in a friendly, co-operative environment. Sponsors help us create a global community based on improving development skills and making connections. The Battlesnake Tournament is designed to have the lowest barrier to entry as possible. That’s why we offer tutorials for beginners, have no limit on team size, and charge no fee to attend. Our sponsors allow us to keep this event free for attendees every year.

Recruitment and Employer Branding

If you’re hiring, Battlesnake is a great way to get your name out there. At the tournament held in Victoria, BC, you will have face-to-face conversations with talent from all over the Pacific Northwest. Expect to speak to developers of all skill levels, from high school students to senior technical leads. Some sponsorship tiers include an opt-in list of tournament attendees who are interested in talking more with your recruiters.

Sponsorship levels

Platform Sponsorship: Help us build the Battlesnake community hosted globally at play.battlesnake.io

Partner Sponsorship: Help us host the Battlesnake tournament, held annually in Victoria, BC

Bounty Snake sponsorship: Build a Bounty Snake and interact with participants at the annual Battlesnake tournament in Victoria, BC.

Get in touch with us at battlesnake@sendwithus.com to discuss the options!