Victoria Battlesnake Tournament

March 2, 2019 || Victoria Conference Centre || Victoria, BC, Canada



1st Place: Nessy

2nd Place: Team Pixel (Brandon & Nathan Mackenzie)

3rd Place: weAreBob (Shaun Bathgate)



1st Place: Samaritan (Ahmed Siddiqui)

2nd Place: Niedersächsische kreuzotter (Max Schier & Niclas Wüstenbecker)

3rd Place: Ahn solo (Junmin Ahn)



1st Place: Undefined Behaviour (Caleb Meyer)

2nd Place: Cory (Cory Binnersley)

3rd Place: Secret Snake (Luke Mitchell & Matthew Monti-Cooper)





Who can participate?

Battlesnake is for programmers of all skill levels, including novices. Teams typically consist of 2-5 people, but individuals are welcome to sign up and compete solo. If you're looking for a team to join, we will do our best to accommodate everyone at registration during the event.

Do you need volunteers?

We do need technical mentors to help participants new to Battlesnake. Let us know when you’re available to volunteer and we will reach out to confirm!


What should I do to prepare before the event?

Bring your own laptop, and come prepared with Github and Heroku accounts already set up. Check out the Resources section for everything you need to be successful. Make sure your team arrives prepared!


Can I get help building my snake?

We offer tutorials and meetups for all experience levels.

On the day of the event, there will be a designated area with volunteer developers available to answer programming or debugging questions. There will also be developer volunteers roaming around to assist teams. Depending on the number of volunteers, we may attach mentor developers to individual beginner teams.


How much does it cost to register as a participant?

Registration is free! It’s important to us that Battlesnake remains free so everyone can participate. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors to make that happen.


What is included in registration?

Registration includes lunch, dinner, and event swag.


How many people participate in Battlesnake?

Last year over 800 developers and spectators participated in Battlesnake. We expect to see even more this year!


What is a Bounty Snake?

Bounty Snakes provide a chance to test your AI and win prizes throughout the day. These challenging Snake AIs are created by our sponsors, and won't go down easy. Starting at 11:00 am, competitors can visit our sponsors and try to defeat the Bounty Snake to collect a prize. 


How can I get involved?

It takes a lot of hands to make this event happen on the day-of. If you’d like to volunteer, thank you! Just drop us an email at and we’ll be in touch to let you know how you can help.

My company is interested in sponsorship. Who should I reach out to?

Contact us at and we’ll get you the details. We would love to have you involved. Check out our sponsorship section for more on why you might want to get involved.


Is this event for-profit?

Battlesnake is a non-profit event. All sponsorship goes towards the venue, catering, and those little details that make Battlesnake such a great place to connect with developers from across the Pacific Northwest.

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